Building your brand with authenticity


Good day everyone – brands love the reach and potential connectivity of social, but they often forget to be authentic.  Authenticity = trust and trust = customer loyalty.  These are my answers from a favorite tweetchat: #Hootchat hosted by @HootCommunity

Q1: What does it mean to be authentic?

Have a real picture, not an avatar – use your real name – speak directly

  • It is great to RT and share other’s thoughts, don’t forget to share yours
  • Admit mistakes and take responsibility

Q2: Why does authenticity matter?

  • Customers do business with and promote brands & services they trust
  • Nothing kills authenticity like a canned email

Q3: What are some online habits of authentic people (or brands)?

  • Companies who don’t just give me survey, but the results as well
  • They don’t only listen on social, but respond as well

Q4: Who are the most authentic people or brands?

Q5: How does authenticity help build your personal brand?

  • People are willing to promote your personal brand, write you a recommendation. authenticity = trust
  • Social is a reputation you cannot defend or put into context, what do ppl see about you?
  • Just like a corporate brand, authenticity builds trust: clients, employers, community members

Q6: How can brands be authentic when interacting?

  • Don’t hide behind or defend a bad policy
  • No canned emails – say “thank you”

Q7: How can you screw up being authentic?

  • No way to reach a person within your organization: horrible phone tree or no contact emails
  • The emailed response comes from a “DoNotReply email address” No way to respond or have a conversation

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your comments.  You can read a more complete transcript in my Storify recap.  Join into #Hootchat, 3pm EST every Thursday – look forward to seeing you.


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