Don’t Just Inform, Learn


You are under stress about customer service: resources are limited and you know that an engaged and educated customer will not only be a happy one, but will also better utilize your product.  Self-service is cost effective and fast: time for a knowledge base of articles your customers can access on their time to answer their questions.  Great in theory, BUT…

No matter how well the article is written, it may not completely answer the customer’s unique issue.   “Was this article helpful?” If the customer cannot ask a question he still has a problem and will be frustrated.  Frustrated customers seek other options that make their lives easier and that means lost contracts and revenues.  What can you do?  A knowledge base is great, but blogging is better.

Like a knowledge base article, a blog is customer-specific content that provides self-service.  Blogging is better because it not only allows customers to ask questions, but gives you the opportunity to engage and learn from them.  Answering their particular question through engagement satisfies, educates, and makes them feel heard; increasing their loyalty.  In addition, you may uncover ways to improve your product as well as opportunities to increase wallet share.

Don’t just inform, learn.

Your comments and questions are most welcomed!


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