SMART objectives for the Community Manager


No matter your profession or industry, it is important to establish relationships and collaborate: how does your way stack up to others, is there a better way, take a new look at the challenge or goal you wish to overcome.

SMART is a great way to look at goal setting; here are mine for Community Managers.  These are examples, but you will get the idea of how to think (and plan) SMART.


  • Develop a community MVP program
  • Train and nurture community moderators
  • Increase the quality, quantity, and timeliness of answers within the community


  • Has the program(s) been implemented?
  • Has the answer rate goal been achieved?
  • Have membership or discussion goals been reached?


  • Where are you now: answer rate, membership, etc. and how hard would it be to reach the goal? 10% gain? 80% gain?


  • Does the CM have the background, attitude, and resources to meet these goals?
  • Every question will be answered within 20 minutes – may not be realistic.
  • Grow the answer rate from 30% to 40% – more realistic.



  • How long will implementation take?

Plan, design, and launch a community MVP program within 9 months

I welcome your comments and conversation.




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