Blogging to Sell


“I’m just calling to check in.”  

This must be one of the worst and overused opening phrases uttered by salespeople and account managers.  Without valuable, customer-centric news to share you may as well be honest and open the call this way: “I’m calling to look productive, keep my boss off my back, and waste your time.”  Don’t check-in; inform.

“Good afternoon John, you have been using our widgets for years and I am calling to let you know about a blog one of our senior engineers just published because I believe it would be very beneficial to your business.  It highlights three of the most important changes upcoming in our next product release and how they will benefit your business.  I will email you a link to the blog; let’s connect next week to discuss and please feel free to contact the engineer directly through the blog.”

Rather than checking-in, you are educating your customer: this builds rapport, decreases their need to open cases, and increases their use of and loyalty to your solution.

Blog, educate, and increase wallet share.

How are you utilizing blogs to increase customer interactions?





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