This is my recap of the 2/3 #Bufferchat hosted by @buffer.  Join the social conversation every Wednesday at 12pm EST and discuss all things Social.

Q1: Why collaborate?

  • There is NEVER 1 way to do something
  • Smart people understand the power of many & surround themselves with smarter people
  • Collaboration is fantastic for team building
  • Collaboration combines past knowledge with new ideas

Q2: What are the key aspects of great collaboration?

  • The willingness to ask AND listen
  • Tear down silos first – focus on the goal or problem to solve
  • Clarify the goal and choose the right tool to share & document solutions
  • A moderator or sponsor who keeps the discussion moving and focused on the goal

Q3: How can you know if you’re a good match with a potential collaborator?

  • No way to know until the ideas start flying
  • Are members of the team willing to focus on the goal rather than their department?
  • You are both invested in the problem’s resolution

Q4: Is there such a thing as too many collaborators on a project?

  • More than too many collaborators, are you able to sort through & prioritize the solutions?
  • Depends on the project / goal – size of business impact
  • This is why a moderator / leader is needed for large group collaboration
  • Options are great, but avoid analysis paralysis – planning without action will sink you
  • There can be too many cooks; if some on the team do not collaborate, it may be time to let them walk

Q5: Have you ever had a bad collaboration experience? How did you work through it?

  • I explained to the person that we work for the same team with the same goal – forget about department
  • I cannot stand providing ideas without getting feedback or the team taking action

Q6: What are some unexpected collaborations that have worked really well?

  • Working across multiple department lines to find the right solution and deliver it on time to the customer

Q7: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned about collaborating with others?

  • Keep an open mind; you never know where a solution will come from
  • One person does not have all the answers

See you at the next #Bufferchat


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