Give Back – Pay It Forward


Last weekend I had the pleasure of returning to my high school alma mater, Pomfret School, to participate in their Career Expo.  I spoke to students about networking and the importance of building and protecting a social brand.  It was wonderful to share a topic I am so passionate about and give back to a place that has given me so much.  Eyes popped open.

Many use social networks and most of them do not realize the important of their personal brand and how easy it is to destroy it.  Your social media brand is one without context: a third party gives you a look and makes a decision based on the pictures you post and the comments you make.   I am not going into my entire presentation, but here are two of my slides that I believe offer some fantastic social guidance.



I would love to discuss any and all aspects of social media and personal branding with you; please contact me.  The larger point of this blog is to give back to people and organizations that have touched you.  Writing a check will always be appreciated, but your time, knowledge, and experience is much more valuable.  Give back & pay it forward.




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