#TwitterSmarter Recap: How Do I Become More Influential in Social Media?

4-20-2017 2-45-45 PM

: What book, audiobook or podcast are you reading/listening to?

  • Answer: Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey – awesome cookbook

Q1: How would you define a person having “Influence” on Social Media?

  • Follower count is a good indicator of influence as well as score
  • A blogger with lots of RTs / shares
  • Influencers are able to drive traffic and influence opinions

Q2: What are some underused tips for a person to build and expand their influence across Social Media?

  • Use a few different networks – be real – ask & answer questions
  • Remember that communities are social networks – find one that captures your interest and dive in

Q3: What are valuable ways to build a rapport with influencers to help you expand your influence across Social Media?

  • My mom always told me to say please and thank you – treat others with respect
  • Reach out to thought leaders and ask for their help or advice
  • See if you can provide THEM with answers
  • Ask other if you can collaborate on a project or blog

Q4: Does a person need a strategy to build their influence on Social Media?

  • You better have a plan
  • Know how much time you have and how many networks you can manage
  • True engagement takes (costs) time – how much do you have to “spend?”
  • Before jumping into a network or community, do your research

Q5: How can content creation and curation help a person boost their visibility and become more influential on Social Media?

  • Curation is how your content is packaged – if not attractive, it will not be consumed
  • our content must match the interests if your community

Q6: Are there any specific platforms that can help a person build their influence strategically?

  • – remember tweetchats & communities too
  • Where do thought leaders & influencers of your industry participate? Those are the networks to utilize
  • No matter the platform(s) DO NOT spread yourself too thin

Q7: How can different Twitter tools help us to measure our influence with the audience we wish to converse with?

  • For tweetchats – how many likes, RTs and convos are you getting
  • Most communities are based on gamification or a point system to measure your participation & influence
  • When was the last time you checked your score?

Q8: What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to building their influence on Social Media?

  • Too many lines in the water – they belong to too many networks
  • My Blog on this subject
  • They are trolls
  • They only ask questions, never supply answers or say thank you
  • They DM sales pitches

Look forward to your comments or questions – see you at the next #twittersmarter chat.