Too Many (Social) Lines


It is often said that less is more and when it comes to social media, I agree 100%.  All too often, companies believe the more (social) lines they have in the water, the better their reach; wrong.

Imagine you on the water in search of that elusive trout, tuna, or other trophy fish: the more lines you have in the water, the greater the chance of a bite.  Yes, line volume may create more opportunities, but how many lines can you successfully handle at one time?  It is better to manage one or two very well than many poorly: hooking the fish is one thing, but the goal is to land them.

Social media channels are your lines: the ways to reach and connect with your customers.  How many channels can you stock with relevant content, monitor for activity, and really respond to?  Too many channels that have stale content or go unmonitored will ultimately hurt your efforts.  It is best to use social media channels as a rod and reel rather than a net.  Understand what channels your customers use, how many you can effectively manage, and master those.  Too many lines and you may lose that big fish.


I look forward to your comments.





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